Friday, November 20, 2009

My "everyday" look. As of right now that is

This is my almost everyday makeup for ME. Most people wouldn't wear this in the daytime,but i loooove it,and it includes PURPLE. My FAV color to wear on my eyes. It always brings out the outer blue ring in my eyes. It's Bitchslap Cosmetics that makes it look soooo intense. Colors are: Mehron Clownwhite make up as base to make the colors intense. Bslap in Baddest Bitch. NYX Black,White,and Baby Pink. Loreal pig in Exciting. MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline to tightline the upper lashes. Face is the Maybelline Super Stay foundation. Blush usually varies from day to day,but it's usually Haux e/s from MAC to contour and Loreal blush in Spiced Plum to add color. Lips: B&BW C,O Bigelow mentha lipgloss


Lily Leaf ♥ said...

I love it!
I think it's very pretty. and I would wear it everyday too :) I don't mind big bold vibrant colors!
btw, im subbed to your yt vids :)
I used to make makeup vids too, but i'm more of a blogger now, i got lazy lol

Priscilla said...

Haha thanks! I know! Tutorials can be SOOOOO time consuming