Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ahh the Dash Dolls

These are my favorite celebrity sisters! My GOSH what eye candy! They are all beautiful in their own ways. Kourtney is by far my FAVORITE though. Her personality,looks,she's so tiny,just too cute! Khloe is the best too,she's so funny and i think she's gorgeous. Kim....well,she even knows she's beautiful haha. But Kim always has the best stylish make up. Just wanted to share. I may do a tutorial inspired by one of these.

Revlon Colorstay vs Maybelline Super Stay

So i remember May. have a superstay foundation awhile back that came with a sort of "primer" with it. Do you guys remember? Well,it's BETTER than that. I promise! I have been wearing Revlon's Colorstay for aboooout 5 or 6 years. Back when it was just for all skin types(which i preferred)I tried the pump tube,didn't like it. If it ain't broke,don't try to fix it!! Well,i've always switched foundations every now and then. I've tried almost every drugstore brand,and a few MAC. Never Lancome Or anything like that. That's just too pricey for me! I REALLY liked MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I've always been NW20 with them,but that formula was TOO DARK! BUT great coverage w/o looking cakey and what not. Also too pricey as i go through me some foundation lol. I ALWAYS seem to go back to my Revlon. It's just GREAT. It dries fast(which is a good thing for ME) i like that. Great coverage,and lasts ALL day on my greasy face. Well,Maybelline came out with their Super Stay with some sort of "felx" technology. and....i really like this stuff! It's a LOT like Revlon's.
Differences are:
different consistency(Revlon:Thick Maybelline:more runny)
Rev. dries fast,harder to blend
May. barely "dries" though is easier to blend
Both have a big variety of colors to choose from(i'm "buff" in rev,but my may. i got is too dark)
Revlon has a better coverage,but is not really good to do any second coats.get it right the first time or you will look "dirty"
Maybelline light to full coverage(depending on how many coats you apply) even with ONE coat of this stuff looks great,but the more you apply,the more coverage you get w/o looking too cakey

Those are my differences i noticed on these two. Today i mixed them and.....WOW the color was GREAT and the look of my foundation was wonderful. I haven't had to blot once today,which i have to re-powder every few hours cuz i am so oily. These two are great together imo. They both work great on their own as well. So decision is up to you! I'm still stuck on my Revlon though,but will pull out my Maybelline anytime needed. She shall be my back up HAHA!
This is me today with both mixed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My "everyday" look. As of right now that is

This is my almost everyday makeup for ME. Most people wouldn't wear this in the daytime,but i loooove it,and it includes PURPLE. My FAV color to wear on my eyes. It always brings out the outer blue ring in my eyes. It's Bitchslap Cosmetics that makes it look soooo intense. Colors are: Mehron Clownwhite make up as base to make the colors intense. Bslap in Baddest Bitch. NYX Black,White,and Baby Pink. Loreal pig in Exciting. MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline to tightline the upper lashes. Face is the Maybelline Super Stay foundation. Blush usually varies from day to day,but it's usually Haux e/s from MAC to contour and Loreal blush in Spiced Plum to add color. Lips: B&BW C,O Bigelow mentha lipgloss

This one was another green look,but not as dark. NYX e/s in Wildfire,White,and Cotton Candy. Their Black was used just to deepen the crease a bit
Foundation is Maybelline Super Stay. Covergirl loose powder. Blush was Loreal blush in Spiced Plum. And just some random bronzer.

This was from a tutorial i did a few weeks ago. It was an arabic eye. I used: NYX Wildfire,Black,and White. MAC's pigment in Teal. Loreal pigment in Restless,and their liner intense.

Going to be updating with the latest looks

So yeah,stay tuned. My dad's comp broke down,soooo i have to use my old dino. I lost all my make up pics,but the ones i can find off my facebook and myspace i'll d/l to this comp and update with what products(i can remember)were used. I'll be posting stuff on here i like as well,or maybe even consider for a tutorial. I just need YOUR input!