Saturday, April 19, 2008

Patricia Wexler....

So i work at Bath and Body Works,and i keep hearing all this hype about Patricia Wexler.Her products are in a good price range for me.They aren't EXPENSIVE,but they are cheap either.It's somewhere around the middle there lol.So i am starting to notice some fine lines under my eyes,and my skin on my lids,under brow bone,and uner my eyes aren't as firm as it used to be.I used to tan for about a year pretty much everyday cuz i worked in a tanning salon,and i had to keep my tan up.Ever since then i have noticed the skin around my eye area is loosing it's firmness.Well,the other day i was putting on make up on this lady.She was 66 and looked GREAT for her age!She had a small amount of puffiness to her eyes,and we used the de-puff eye gel from Patricia Wexler.By the time i was done doing her make up she looked in the mirror and was like WOW what was used on my eyes,my puffiness is gone!So i showed her,and she bought it(even though it was $19.50 she was sold on it,and so was i)Well,like i said the skin around my eye area has lost some i got me a sample of the 3 in-one eye cream from her line.I must say i am liking this cream a LOT.I've used other eye creams and they left my eyes feeling very greasy.This stuff has a very nice texture to it.It's very soft,it isn't a heavy cream.It's not greasy either.I have very sensitive skin,and this cream has been no problem for me.My little fine lines are actually starting to diminish,and my eyes don't feel as tired.It give my eyes plenty of moisture and i am loving this stuff.I've been using it for about 3 days and i think i'm going to buy me a bottle of this when i get the extra cash.I am loving it.I recommend this product for anyone who is starting out early in taking care of their skin.I don't know how well it would work on deep wrinkles,but it's helping out with my fine lines.So that is that.That is MY review on this eye cream!


i♥make-up said...

Hey girly. Got ur link off of specktra. We should totally meet up.

U have mad skills. I love ur make-up check out my blog as well.